we are  in the online era ,covid-19 has changed the way education will be carried on from now onwards ,due to this we have now designed distance online classes for those who cannot come in class they can accees online classes and only visit the college for examinations only .The students are given a free 7 inch android tablet which they use to learn all notes are uploaded to the tablet to ease learning .

Certificate course is 1 year or 3 terms 

Diploma is 1 year and half  or 5 terms 

the students will visit the college to sit for final knec examinations .All courseworks is done through the online platforms.


1.Diploma in community development and social work 

2.Certificate in community development and social work 

3.Diploma in community development and health 

4.Certificate in community development and health 

5.Diploma in community health and hiv management 

6.Diploma in business management 

7.Cert in business management 

8.Diploma in human resource management 

9.Cert in human resource management 


All Examination and cats are done through online but students taking knec examination have to come to college during knec examination.